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Ever since grade school, Svendal and Hanz have had a deep bond. Literally.

In the sixth grade, Svendal tripped and fell into a bucket of toxic waste. Hanz happened to see the accident and quickly came to her aide. Hanz actually thought it was Scootie Bootkins, the class hottie, whom he had always dreamed of rescuing from certain death.

As you might guess, our hero was mildly disappointed when he pulled the distressed maiden from the bucket, only to realize it was not who he thought it was.

Svendal was equally disappointed when she realized that her rescuer was not Toby Tobyton, whose heart she intended to capture through an elaborate scheme that involved purposefully falling into a bucket of toxic waste.

Nonetheless, neither of the two were completely disgusted with the other, which turned out to be a good thing, because the toxic waste had melted the flesh on Svendal's hand, which fused instantly to Hanz's when he pulled Svendal from the sludge.

From then on, the two realized that destiny (and a lack of environmental regulations) had brought them together. From then on they were inseparable.

The wedding that they shared this past year symbolized that love, like toxic waste is a bond that not even the best plastic surgeons could separate.